Reaching Community Members:Stoop Surveying and Speed Planning

It takes more than one method to reach out to your community. You cannot expect to use the same old method every time.”>


Regulations Promote Sustainability

A few years ago, I talked with our public works director about white roofs. I haven’t seen any in Red Wing, Minnesota

Weeds in the Garden of Life

Growing the Economy

government cuts for a new economy

There has been much discussion lately about teachers: laying off ineffective teachers, keeping the best, eliminating that last in first out concept. The same should be true in other government agencies. Sometimes a “worker” has the best ideas and is most capable in keeping government services going. Rather than laying off that worker, it may be the highly paid department head that gets the least bang for the buck. We need to rethink, rescale, and build efficent, effective government.

Hello world!

It’s time to revitalize our communities. The economic downturn has discouraged many people, but it is also a time when the greatest ideas come out. Big companies seldom start big. They are a seed planted by an individual with a good idea, nurtured by care when others are barely noticing. Some day the flower with blossom and many people will say, “Oh look! I did not know this was growing here.” Homegrown, by caring individuals is the way to build a community.