I can’t help but comment on the situation around the world. Different religions and cultures are showing hostility. What would a garden be if not for the variety of plants within it? There is such richness in valuing each other’s religion and culture and what each brings to your life. It is the same with different flowers in my garden. One week I will bring one inside, the next week another. Best of all is to look out from my deck on a splendid array of color while I drink my morning coffee or tea.


Today I am planting my Easter grass. The trays for under pots are great for doing that. Potting soil and some rye grass seeds work well. As the trays of grass grow, I sometimes need to give them a hair cut to have them ready for Easter. Colored Easter eggs in a bed of fresh grass makes a wonderful center piece or bits of color around the house in a northern state.

Next week I will start my garden seeds in trays to get a head start on the garden outdoors. Starting seeds is such a lifting time when winter is still here but you are getting ready for spring.