More from Egypt

again from Aishah:CORRECTION…not on laptop of a Russian…lol…I had mistakenly presumed so because he was using Russian language keyboard. lolz

SubhanÁllah the nice EGYPTIAN man who let me jump on his laptop is now watching the MWA Al-Jazeera documentary via my iPhone. Al-hamdulillah also for Al-Jazeera – who also did a FANTASTIC job of covering the revolution up until two days ago when the state closed their offices and yanked away license to broadcast! We must also protest this!!!OH AND LET ME BLOW OFF SOME STEAM ABOUT OUR FREAKING OFFER OF ‘SAFE HAVEN’!!! What the heck!!! U.S. citizens have to reimburse their government to be dumped in Greece or Istanbul?!?! Give me a freaking break! I could just spit nickels!! Not that I would leave Egypt anyway! Viva Egypt!!!

Aishah, take care. I appreciate the first hand report but fear for your safety. Carol


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