Ah January…….that time of the year when seed catalogs arrive and you can begin to dream of plants pushing up through the earth. Image


Your life

Your life

Gardens contribute to the well-being of individuals. Your garden helps the entire neighborhood to feel positive and energized. I am doing the final clean-up of the garden now.A few perennials need to be moved to new areas. Vegetable are started by a basement window. I hope to put them out next week. The grass has been cut once and halt fertilizer applied to prevent crabgrass.





I can’t help but comment on the situation around the world. Different religions and cultures are showing hostility. What would a garden be if not for the variety of plants within it? There is such richness in valuing each other’s religion and culture and what each brings to your life. It is the same with different flowers in my garden. One week I will bring one inside, the next week another. Best of all is to look out from my deck on a splendid array of color while I drink my morning coffee or tea.

Today I am planting my Easter grass. The trays for under pots are great for doing that. Potting soil and some rye grass seeds work well. As the trays of grass grow, I sometimes need to give them a hair cut to have them ready for Easter. Colored Easter eggs in a bed of fresh grass makes a wonderful center piece or bits of color around the house in a northern state.

Next week I will start my garden seeds in trays to get a head start on the garden outdoors. Starting seeds is such a lifting time when winter is still here but you are getting ready for spring.

Winter is here at last

We have had a taste of zero weather and more is promised. I think that I need to put some more leaves from my stash on the more delicate plants to keep them snug for the rest of the winter. I’ll do that this weekend.

Gardens of Hope

‎”Our mission is to plant ourselves at the gates of hope — not the prudent gates of Optimism, which are somewhat narrower; nor the stalwart, boring gates of Common Sense; nor the strident gates of self-righteousness … nor the cheerful, flimsy garden gate of ‘Everything is gonna be all right,’ but a very different, sometimes very lonely place, the place of truth-telling, about your own soul first of all and its condition, the place of resistance and defiance, the piece of ground from which you see the world both as it is and as it could be, as it might be, as it will be; the place from which you glimpse not only struggle, but joy in the struggle — and we stand there, beckoning and calling, telling people what we are seeing, asking people what they see.

“The Gates of Hope” Victoria Safford

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